Long distance

There are so many possibilities to do Long Distance between all our spot in the sea side. The problem is always the story of security with Offshore winds. 

We are organizing all along the year some Long Distance, Subscribe to our Windletter at the end of the page to follow the program! 

  • Level required:

    Sailing between 15 to 35 knots

  • Prices:

    Sur Mesure en Fonction des Raids Organisés

  • more :

    Confirmed level necessary Possibility to rent gear

We are here to show you how long distance can be cool, it’s like a DEFI first with you and then maybe against the other. 

We will propose you some distances between 20 to 100 km, to push your limits and get amazing feelings!

Our personal experiences about it in competition or training, will permit us to give you the best tips to prepare you and your equipment. 


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