If  you want a private lesson as beginner to learn faster or you are already a good windsurfer who wants to have good tips to become even better, this is for you!


  • Gear :

    Freeride 2020, Easy and rapid progression.

  • Apparel :

    Wetsuits from the center / Shoes recommended.

  • Prices : 70 €/H, 130 €/2 h, 190 €/3h
  • Time: 1h

    Beginner to Expert

This offer is made for a beginner who wants to discover windsurfing and want to improve faster! 

 If you are already a good windsurfer you may also want to improve on special topics like  race tips, Tuning perfectly your équipement, Jibes technique or any other moves, we are here to coach you in an efficient and fun way. 

With our Radio System between the student and the coach, it’s amazing how fast it is to assimilate the information for the student!

The Choice of the spot will be made with the coach regarding the forecast and the daily conditions. Between Gruissan and Leucate, via Narbonne, Sigean, Port la nouvelle or La Palme we will move to meet you on the best spot with the best conditions !


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