The last offer in our center!

Come and try this new sport and discover amazing feelings of freedom in flat or wavy water! 

Mix between Windsurf, Kitesurf and Foil, available for everyone! 


Wing Foil offer with the MORTEFON WATERSPORTS is made for everyone who want to try this new fashion sport. 

Super affordable, the Wing Foil permets to try the Joy of foiling, and the freedom feeling when you are above the water.

Less physical then Windsurfing or Kitesurfing, with our adapted gear, you will learn super fast. 

You will always learn with a piloting session with the wing regardant your skills, you will try on a big board with a foil. 

The Choice of the spot will be made regarding the forecast, with flat water and 15 knots minimum to enjoy rapidly. 

The Vieille Nouvelle beach in Port la nouvelle, La Palme or Narbonne will be the perfect spot!  

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