Windsurf Slalom Tuning Tips by Marion Mortefon!

Windsurf Slalom Tuning Tips by Marion Mortefon!

Windsurf Slalom Tuning Tips by Marion Mortefon!

Today, Marion Mortefon decided to show you and give you lot of Windsurf Slalom Tuning Tips. Then, The tuning of the Mortefon Family will not have secret for you anymore.

With this Webseries on her youtube Channel, She permits you to discover her secrets to prepare your equipment on the best way.

For all the video you can put the English Subtitles!

Fanatic Falcon Slalom Tuning Tips

The First Video of the webserie, is dedicated to the Slalom Boards Fanatic. These machines for racing will not have any secret for you anymore. Here, you can find the presentation of the 130, 106 and 90 Falcon. These boards are 80cm, 68cm and 60 cm wide. It’s permitting to cover a large range of wind, from 11 to 45 knts. So, In World Cup you have to choose 3 boards and registered it for all the season.

To resume:

130 liters / 80 cm wide / 41cm fins with 7.7 m2

106 liters / 68 cm wide / 34 cm fins with  6.2 and 7 m2

90 liters / 60 cm wide / 31 cm fins with 6.2, 5.5 and 5.0 m2

Here the link for the video:

Duotone Warp Slalom Tunings Tips

Secondly, The webserie is dedicated to the tuning of the Slalom Duotone Warp 6.2 m2. Most of the time, Marion is using this sail with the 106liters and the 90 liters Fanatic Falcon. Then, the wind range covered is between 15 to 25 knts. This sail evolved a lot compared to 2019. It’s much more easier! Furthermore, you gain a lot in control and then in efficiency during the sailing! In slalom, tuning the sail is really important, Marion is explaining to you:



Harness in Slalom / Wave / Foil

The Third video of the webserie is about the harness choice. Marion thought it could be useful to present her harness choice for the season. Indeed, the harness is one of the key of the performance for a Windsurfer. It has to be comfortable, and efficient for sailing. If you are a pro or an amateur, it can clearly change your session! You will see her choice in Slalom, Wave and Foil:


Windsurf Slalom Tuning Tips by Marion Mortefon!

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